Our Classes

At the Combat Karate Club, we are proud to offer classes for all ages, fitness levels, and experience levels. Below are descriptions of the various classes we offer. 

Mini Martial Artists (Ages 4-6)

This class is high energy, full of fun, and teaches the fundamental movements of karate. We put equal emphasis on developing courtesy, patience, and self-control. The class consists of solo drills, partner drills, and games specifically designed to increase coordination, balance, and strength. 

Youth Classes (Ages 7-14)

This class is designed to develop the physical and mental components of its practitioners through the martial arts. Our focus is on being healthy, active, and confident! Students will learn how to apply the stances, kicks, strikes, locks, and throws of karate to defend themselves, but most importantly they will learn verbal deescalation tactics to avoid physical confrontations. 

Adult Karate Classes (15 years old and older)

This class uses the stances, kicks, strikes, locks, and throws of karate for self-defense against habitual acts of physical violence (HAPV). HAPV can be defined as realistic acts of violence performed by an aggressor, and were catalogued by Hanshi Patrick McCarthy through years of unrivaled, dedicated study. HAPV include swinging punches, straight punches, leg kicks, trips, sweeps, knee strikes, head-locks, chokes, single or double leg takedowns, and more. Students are evaluated on their ability to respond to these attacks using the practical applications of our kata (prearranged patterns of movement) in various drills.

Karate for MMA (14 years old and older)

Karate utilizes certain principles of attack and defense that are highly effective when applied in the mixed martial arts landscape. This class examines those principles and allows students to apply them within the parameters of mixed martial arts. A desire to compete in mixed martial arts is not necessary to take this class!

MMA Conditioning

In need of some Punch-Kick Therapy? This class is perfect for those who want to train like a fighter without the cauliflower ears and bruises. This class is designed with certifiable knowledge stemming from the NASM MMA Conditioning program and ISSA Kickboxing program!